What membership is right for me?

Henley SLSC offers a range of memberships.  Please select the ‘Read More’ next to each membership to find out more.

Active Senior member:

To become an active senior member of Henley SLSC you must first complete the Bronze Medallion course. This award ensures you are suitably qualified to patrol the beach. You must have reached 15 years of age to qualify for the Bronze medallion.  Whilst you are training for your Bronze Medallion, you are classified as a Probationary member and only have access to the club facilities, gym, equipment and craft whilst under the supervision of a qualified Henley SLSC trainer.

Once you have your Bronze Medallion, you will be allocated to a patrol group, where you will have the opportunity to patrol the beach along with other surf lifesavers from Henley SLSC.

Patrol is held for 5-6 hours each Saturday, Sunday and public holiday afternoon during the summer from October to April.  Your patrol group is generally allocated 5-6 sessions across the season.  Patrols are a great way to assist the community, make great friends and develop new skills.

As an active senior member, you have access to the club and all its facilities, including the gym, change-rooms and surf craft. You are also able to compete for the club in a range of surf sports.

Current members can access the Members Login for up-to-date patrol and event information.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Junior member:

Henley SLSC offers a Junior program which is open for children aged U/6 to U/14. The child’s age category is determined by their age on the 1st October each year.  Juniors also have the opportunity to gain their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) when they reach 13 years of age.

The Junior program is held each Saturday afternoon from 2-4pm during the summer months, October to March.

You can find out more about our Junior program here.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Snipper Program

The Henley SLSC snipper program is a modified junior program for children with special needs. The program runs on Saturday afternoons alongside the Juniors program and is open to all children and families. For more information contact: [email protected]

Henley SLSC also runs a program called the Henley Extreme Team (HET). This program is for young members aged U/14 to U/19 and provides support and training for members as they transition from juniors to seniors. HET is coordinated by club volunteers and the HET crew get together on Saturday afternoons to participate in lifesaving activities. HET members also participate in social events at the club and other venues.

General member:

General members are not required to hold any lifesaving awards, but may volunteer at the club.  Some of these roles include:

  • Junior volunteer (Age group leader, trainer or water cover activities)
  • Social club and fundraising activities
  • Lifesaving Award Trainer or Assessor
  • Surf sports coach, official or team manager
  • Club administration
  • Parents of junior members

General members without surf lifesaving awards, can join the club as a Community member or Associate member.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Community members

Henley SLSC welcomes the support of our local community and wider supporter base with access to a supporter membership.  Supporter membership at Henley includes a loyalty card that includes meal and drink specials and discounts in our Oceanview Bar & Restaurant as well as invitations to member-only events.

Supporter members do not have access to the club training facilities, change-rooms or craft, however, they can participate in fitness sessions taking place outside of the gym, when supervised by a current and active member.

For more information contact: [email protected]


Past member

Past member memberships are available to any person who has previously been an active member of Henley SLSC.  Past members can have access to the club change-rooms.

Past members do not have access to the club training facilities, or craft, however, they can participate in fitness sessions taking place outside of the gym, when supervised by a current and active member.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Family membership

Family membership is available to families of four or more members, with children under 18 years of age. Family membership gives family groups a discount on their overall membership fees.

Family Combo

New families can join under our ‘Family combo’ package. This membership includes 1, 2 or 3 junior members and 1 adult, who is not already a member.

Associate member:

Associate members are approved by the BOM. They are not required to hold any lifesaving awards, but can have access to the club facilities, including the gym and changerooms. They are not allowed to use any club craft or equipment, outside of the gym facilities.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Loyalty cards

All members are eligible for a club loyalty card. The Henley SLSC loyalty card gives you 10% off all food menu items, $1 off all alcoholic drinks and $4 off bottles of wine. These are issued when joining or renewing your membership or can be requested from the Oceanview Bar & Restaurant during opening hours. Members will need to provide proof of membership payment when requesting a loyalty card.