Mid-week Training

Mid-week Training

Additional training is available for Junior Members interesting in competing for Henley SLSC at Carnivals and State Championships during the 21/22 season (U8-U13 age groups).
Mid-week trainings commence Monday 11 October 2021.

Before attending any training sessions junior members must meet the minimum requirements listed below.

All sessions will be held at Henley Surf Life Saving Club, unless otherwise stated below or instructed by coaches. Please meet on the ramp on the western (beach) side of the club ready to start the sessions on time. The times listed as start times are the times that the sessions start, please ensure you arrive early enough prior to this time to get ready. A parent, guardian or nominated adult MUST be in attendance at the training session at all times.

Competition Board* Monday’s 5-6pm – Coach: Andy Bray
Must be a full financial member, intending to compete in board events during the 2021/22 competition season. Must be a competent board paddler who is able to handle the board in all surf conditions. Must have passed competition evaluation**. Aimed at U10 – U13 age groups. U8s and U9s may be invited subject to assessment at beginner board – see details below.
Competition Beach Sprint/Flags Wednesday’s 4.30–5.30pm – Coach: Lindy Lewis.         Must be a full financial member, intending to compete in sprints, beach flags and beach relays during the 2021/22 competition season.  Aimed at U8-U13 age groups.
Competition Iron Person* Friday’s 4.30–5.30pm – Coach: David Foureur                           Must be full financial member, a competent board paddler, strong swimmer who has the skills handle all surf conditions. Should be interested in competing in Iron events during the 21/22 season. Must have passed competition evaluation**. Aimed at U11-U13 age groups.

Competition Surf Swimming* Tuesday and Thursdays 7.00–8.00pm – Coach: Justin Bishop
Seaton Swim Centre, 1 Wilford Avenue, Seaton – $10/session.

Must be full financial member, with the capacity to swim at squad training level (to be clear this is not learn to swim). Must be interested in racing in swim events (team and individual) during the 21/22 season. Must have passed competition evaluation**. Aimed at U8-U13 age groups (subject to assessment).

Please note that numbers currently at capacity. If you are interested, please contact Justin Bishop at [email protected] to discuss your child’s ability and then potential inclusion on to the waiting list. 
Beginner Board first session Saturday, 30th October – Coach: Mark Stewart
Saturday’s before regular junior training at 12 noon

This session is aimed at junior members who wish to learn the basic technique and skills of board paddling with a view to eventually advancing to competition board. 
Must be full financial member. Must have passed competition evaluation**. Aimed at U8-U13 age groups.
* training sessions will be demanding, require a good work ethic and suitable fitness levels.
** Competition Evaluations will be held early in the 2021-22 season. Prior to this occurring, your child must have passed the 2020-21 season competition evaluation. If you are unsure, please ask.